Cassi Unger is a painter, illustrator, designer, and teacher based in Erie, Pennsylvania. She always knew she liked creating and wanted to share this passion with others.

Cassi began painting professionally in 2010, refining her craft while studying at Ringling College of Art and Design. Here, she received a BFA in Illustration. Since then, she has painted nationally in Northwestern Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Oregon, and Washington. Also, her international work has covered: Alberta, Canada; Greece; Paris and Giverny, France; and the United Kingdom. Along with painting and sketching in these areas, she backpacked and sketched through Germany, Austria, and Italy in 2012. Her work has been exhibited in numerous states including Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Cassi draws her inspiration from a synthesis of botany, different cultures, patterns and textures from the natural world. She can be found scribbling in sketchbooks and painting in fields.